TPC-Registered Nurse

Department: TPC-Home Base Clinical Site.
Operating Unit The Providence Center
Location: Providence, RI
Job ID: 8757
Job Status: Full Time
Shift: Days
End Date:

Registered Nurse - "Home Base" IHH Team



Providence Center Adult Outpatient Integrated Health Home multi-disciplinary team looking for a motivated, team-oriented Registered Nurse, to help assess and facilitate the tasks and duties listed below for adults with co-occurring conditions, medical complexities, and who are also dealing with unstable living arrangements.  Experience with the chronically homeless and addictions populations a plus!


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Triage and assess assigned consumers on the team.

-Treat consumers with respect.

-Assess and evaluate client health care data collected through interviewing, observation, record review and team input.

-Utilize physical assessment skills to determine related nursing interventions.

-Develop an individualized consumer plan of care.

-Formulate nursing diagnosis based on initial assessment.

Perform integrated care in accordance with appropriate medical protocol.

-Identify expected outcomes of care, individualized to the client, with the ultimate goal of improving client’s overall health.

-Plan consumer care with other members of the team.

-Understand legal responsibilities and accountabilities.

-Perform in a calm and professional manner during crisis or emergency situations.

-Adhere to written clinical procedures and standards.

-Make and act on decisions independently to resolve actual/potential consumer problems.

-Conduct special interest consumer groups related to identified clinical issues.

-Maintain confidentiality in accordance with legal requirements.

Implement the consumer plan of care.

-Evaluate the consumer's response to the plan of care and update the plan based on consumer's response.

-Provide support to consumers regarding daily living issues, conducting home visits as necessary.

-Involve the consumer and/or family in the development of the plan of care.

-Instruct consumers and families concerning the disease process, plan of treatment and rehabilitation course, using available teaching materials when appropriate.

-Educate consumers on the various medications on the expected effects and side effects.

-Question any aspect of the consumer's treatment regimen which endangers the level of wellness.

Administer medications as per doctor orders (Injections and PO).

-Determine that doctor orders have been accurately transcribed.

-Implement appropriately prescribed medical regimen.

-Monitor lab results

Coordinate activities regarding consumer hospitalization.

-Assess and evaluate the necessity for hospitalization.

-Serve as liaison with hospital regarding admission, case review and discharge.

-Complete required paperwork.

Collaborate with the staff members in providing care to consumers.

-Coordinate consumer care activities with case management staff.

-Assist team members in delivery of services.

-Serve as a clinical resource person to staff.

-Attend and participate in scheduled team meetings.

-Conduct home visits when appropriate

-Assist and teach adult daily living (ADL) skills.

-Accompany consumers to appointments if medically necessary.

-Assist consumers working in the community by maintaining contact with appropriate agencies.

-Provide medical advice and instructions regarding consumer issues and medication.

-Coordinate consumer care with Psychiatrist.

Perform recordkeeping in accordance with Agency requirements.

-Complete initial assessment forms.

-Complete progress notes with appropriate format.

-Develop and implement a clear, specific, behaviorally oriented treatment plan with ongoing consumer and team input and with consumer signature.

-Complete insurance documentation as required.

-Complete required reports and evaluations.

-Follow required office procedures in a cooperative manner.

-Initiate and process incident reports as per guideline.

Maintain cooperative relationships with consumers, staff and the public.

-Communicate with various local agencies and other departments.

-Work in cooperation with co-workers and supervisory staff.

-Deal with team members regarding problems in a constructive manner.

-Communicate pertinent information regarding consumer to after hours staff.

Attend trainings, case presentations and conferences.

-Provide feedback to staff on the content of educational programs attended.

-Participate in the education of other health professionals.

-Attend mandatory in-service trainings.

Perform duties in accordance with departmental goals, objectives and standards.

-Adjust to meet changes in team scheduling.

-Provide information for clinical treatment and team decisions.

-Participate in developing team goals and objectives.

-Analyze the delivery of service and recommend corrective action.

-Perform select maintenance activities: inventory control and/or stock medication; special equipment checks.


Occasional Duties:

-Serve on appropriate committees.

-Partake in training new hires and student Nurses.

-May be asked to share on-call with other nursing and program staff.


Education & Experience:

Associate’s degree in Nursing required; Bachelor's degree from four-year College or University referred. Rhode Island Registered Nurse (RN) license required.  Experience in Human Services or Outpatient setting preferred. Experience working with psychiatric and substance use disorder patients also a plus.

Position may require driving. Must have valid driver's license, registration, current inspection and insured automobile.