Nurse CSU

Department: TPC-Crisis Stabilization Nursing Site.
Operating Unit The Providence Center
Location: Providence, RI
Job ID: 7645
Job Status: Part Time
Shift: Nights
End Date: no end date

Assess and evaluate client health care data collected through interviewing, observation, record review and team input. Analyze assessment data to formulate the basis of nursing care. Identify expected outcomes of care, individualized to the client, with the ultimate goal of improving client’s overall health status. . Administer medications per prescriber’s orders and monitor lab results as indicated.. Collaborate with the staff members in providing care to clients. Maintain cooperative relationships with clients, and  staff. 

 Specifications:  Rhode Island Registered Nurse (RN) license required. Knowledge and experience with psychotropic medication, and ability to work well with professionals from other disciplines in a team approach.